itsPOPmusic brings to you London based IMAN’s new single ‘For You”



IMAN a London based artist returns after her last independent release which peaked at #3 on the official UK Urban music week club chart. Her new release ‘For You’ is an upbeat and gentle track in which she reflects on the decision she was forced to make as a teenager to leave her family in order to pursue her music career.

Having grown up in a household where music and creativity were feared rather than encouraged the track is about having the strength to follow your calling, take chances and risk everything to follow your own path despite potentially losing everything you know and love. This is reflected in the gentle, sympathetic, and empathetic tone overlaid with a strength of vocals.

‘For You’ is a combination of classy pop/electronica with strength shining through in raspy vocals and wrapped gently in a subtle depth of emotion.

The track is the tale of how this scenario all began. In her own words IMAN says:
‘The song is about when I ran away to pursue my ambition. It’s me talking back to my 16-year-old self. It’s intertwined with me talking about how I missed my family and is merged with the feelings I had when I revisited my family home and saw how it had all changed as I had pretty much returned as a different person’

Some of the lyrics which refer to this include:

‘Ambitions led me only so far when I dream of you I’m home in your arms, why did I leave and why do we part?’

‘’I left the place where I come from, the lights led me there but they never shone’’

‘My selfishness a curse, I wish I could reverse, but if you had the chance would you do the same?’





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